Future Warrior (Time Rats Book 3)

Time Rats 3 cover ebook final 600x900.png

The third in my Time Rats trilogy...

...unless I decide to write more about my characters at a later date. I really like Jace, Floss, Ryker and Angel, not to mention Liam Roth, so it's possible.

FUTURE WARRIOR (Time Rats Book 3)

BLURB: When Liam Roth fails to arrive from 2135 – his own time – to collect her for a date, Floss discovers that the timeline has changed. In the now totalitarian future, the rich and successful Roth she knew is a failure with an abysmal Citizen Credit Rank, who works as a barista and struggles to make ends meet. Through him, Floss and Jace meet an amateur dissident group who offer the Time Rats the biggest, best-paid job of their lives: overthrowing the Global Union’s oppressive rule.

Available in paperback and ebook.