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Hi, I'm a jeweller and silversmith living in London, and I also write novels. I've sold over 70,000 ebooks since self-publishing, and my mystery/ romance Remix spent eight months in the UK Kindle Top 100. My latest novels, The Trouble with Time (Time Rats Book 1) and Dreams of the Machines (Time Rats Book 2) are published by Amazon's Kindle Press. I’ve recently released my latest, Future Warrior (Time Rats Book 3).

On this website, you can read two entire short stories I've written, find out about my novels (and read the first chapters) or email me. My books are available to buy on Amazon.

You can visit my writing blog here: LEXI REVELLIANmy writing and other related matters.

To get an email when I release a new book, click HERE. I won't email you apart from that.


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REMIX £1.99$2.99

REPLICA  £1.99$2.99

ICE DIARIES £1.99$2.99

WOLF BY THE EARS £1.99, $2.99

TORBREK...and the Dragon Variation £1.99$2.99

TRAV ZANDER £1.99$2.99

TIME CHILD and other stories £1.49, $0.99

TIME RATS 1 The Trouble with Time UK, US

TIME RATS 2 Dreams of the Machines UK, US

TIME RATS 3 Future Warrior UK, US

This is the only book trailer I've made. Must do more.

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